Breaking the walls of clannish hatred, discrimination in Ebira land

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By Prince Muhammed Otaiki

It is a personal experience. A bitter one at that. It is the story of an ordeal of a young man with budding talent, a burgeoning writer and blogger. I’m not very good at looking for jobs, since I’m still an undergraduate. However, upon realizing I needed to brace up to face the reality of survival, I had to step up my game.

In the search for a decent platform to earn a living,  I came across a job online. It was an advert  for the position of Media and Publicity Kogi Central. I signed up for the job. with my vast experience in Blogging, Social  media Influence, History and storytelling abilities as well as creative ingenuity in articles writing,  I was chosen for that position.
So,  day I went for assessment, the coordinator of the Media Team picked interest in interviewing me, because he saw Otaiki in my name.

The very first question he asked was about my clan, which is not related to the job at all but I answered sincerely that I’m Ozi Ozumi Atami Enehu Anono, meaning;- the child of Ozumi Atami (a very powerful cheif) that drinks Anono water (spiritual water) because I was happy I am meeting an Ebira Man. But it was so unfortunate and painful that I lost the same job because of my clan.

According to him,  Oziogu’s burnt down his family house in Okene in the darks days of political unrest,  and his brother, he alleged, was killed in a war with his Eziogu clan in Ebiraland. With anger and hate in his eyes, he told me to leave the office and never come back if I don’t want issues…..The hope that was rising in me went down like a melting ice.


I later learnt that this man denied an Ebira girl Secretary Job in the same Media Programme because  she is merely from Ihima.
For some time,  I have grown resentment and hate for other clans for what this man did to me. I struggle to cope with the trauma of seeing a fellow man on a desperate mission to strangle me in destiny. But then I pondered about what my Dad used to say…
“Hating, discriminating, judging, throwing jibes, on eziogu clan is not a new thing, he advised me such has been in existence even before his birth”.
Ask me, “If we keep on hating this clan because of what our ancestors have done in the past, our children will never have a place to call home”.
Whatever you have heard, or experienced  about any clan or any  community in Ebiraland,  I think it’s time we rewrite History…Ebira typifies true character, integrity and values. We are hospitable and industrious. Let’s emphasize these traits rather than whipping up mundane sentiments.


I have forgiven the man who persecuted me on the ground of my clan. I had to suffer for the sins of an individual or group in my clan. Many have gone through this path. For victims of clannish injustice, I plead you let go the grudges and move on in love and affection for one another. Let’s rise above prejudice!
Ebira V’onya… 💗💗💗

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