Effects Of Digital Marketing On Today’s Business.

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Do you know you can make use of digital marketing to increase your monthly sales by 10%?

Perhaps you are clueless as to what digital marketing is all about. In this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about digital marketing and the effect of digital marketing on today’s business.

Before we proceed further, let’s start by clearly understanding what digital marketing is all about.

What Is Digital Marketing?

If you know what marketing is, you won’t find it hard to know what digital marketing is all about.

Marketing is simply an exchange of goods and services between two or more people physically.

Nevertheless, there is one particular limitation to marketing, which also gives room for low profit. This limitation is not reaching a wide range of people within a short period of time. 

For instance, if you are into car sales, and you stay in California in the United States, 90% of your customers will be from California because that’s where you stay. Only the people in that vicinity have access to see you.

Nevertheless, with the power of digital marketing. You can be in California and sell your goods or connect with customers from any part of the world.

Notable, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

How will you feel relaxing in your office, and you start receiving calls and orders from people purchasing your service/goods? Are you excited?

This can only be possible with the power of digital marketing.

Now here comes the question, what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be likened to advertising goods and services over the internet.

As we all know, the internet has been able to bring the whole world together.

With the power of digital marketing, you can be in a single position in an African country and start advertising your goods or services to people in China.

Let’s get started with the obvious, many do not know, and some do not know how to implement it. Before we go thoroughly into the effect of digital marketing on today’s business, let’s briefly discuss the types of digital marketing.

Types Of Digital Marketing

There are various forms of digital marketing, and there are some which you already know but, perhaps, you haven’t taken notice of.

Now that we understand digital marketing as a way whereby people use the advantage of the internet to advertise their goods. Let’s talk about different ways by which people achieve this.

Email Marketing

Have you ever gone to a site whereby you were compelled to submit your mail before you proceed with other activities, or perhaps you had dropped it voluntarily because you were promised a sweet offer?

If yes, you have just subscribed to their email newsletter.

You will discover after doing this, you will start receiving emails subsequently, telling you about the service they render or goods they sell.

They will keep doing this, and a time will come when you will get convinced to either purchase the service or product. That’s the power of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is simply a way people take advantage of electronic mail to advertise their goods and services.

All they have to ensure is to have emails of your prospective clients or customers and keep updating them frequently about your services and goods.

Furthermore, some may ask how they can get emails from their potential customers or clients. It’s very simple. You can either buy from people or create a Google Form and have them drop their mail.

An excellent place to buy leads from is Fiverr.

Social Media Ads

Everyone uses one kind of social media platform as the other because it’s a medium by which people communicate with their partners, friends, or families in a short or long distance.

Knowing this fully, we can see social media platforms are a great medium to advertise what you sell to a vast audience.

As of 2021, Facebook was the largest social media platform and renowned for being the giant social media platform due to over 2.7 billion users actively using the platform.

Just imagine displaying your service or goods to over a billion people. Just tell me how you won’t make sales.

If you aren’t making use of social media yet to get more buyers for your goods and services, you need to start doing that now.

All you have to ensure is to have first had a Facebook page, which is what allows you to run ads on the platform, and as well have a reasonable ads budget.

Other social media platforms that can allow you to run ads include.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp

And many more, you first have to learn how you can run ads on this platform effectively and start seeing wonders and considerable increases in your monthly sales.

Google ads.

Everyone would have heard about Google; perhaps without Google, you might not have been able to land on this page.

Google is a website that makes other websites highly visible and accessible to those that need one information or the other.

When you run ads on Google, Google will display your advertisement on several blog pages and give it high visibility.

With this, your business and services will become highly visible to people, to the type of people that need the type of service you offer.

Having known all this, let’s briefly talk about the importance of digital marketing.

Importance Of Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing includes the following.

  • High visibility: When you include digital marketing in your marketing plan, you will gain high visibility. More people will get to know about the type of service or product you sell.
  • More Sales: When you get to increase your visibility, you will make more sales.

Do I hope you will start taking advantage of digital marketing on that business or service you offer to increase sales?

I will be glad to hear about your success stories soon.


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