Easy Method to makes money online from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2022

How to Make Money from AmazonKindle Direct Publishing in 2022 | 7 Ways

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How to make money from AmazonKindle Direct Publishing in 2022


Make Money from AmazonKindle


How to make money from amazonkindle direct publishing. now many of you are probably used to the traditional means of publishing books whereby you write a book you send manuscripts to various publishers now that’s good but you know there’s a better way and when I say a better way to make money from amazonkindle direct publishing.

You get to keep 70 percent of your royalties, yes you heard me right 70 of your royalties no other publishing platform in the world gives you that opportunity to make money from amazonkindle direct publishing and it’s so successful.


If you think the most successful book in the last 20 years has been 50 shades of grey a book by a British writer e.l James,  actually that book was self-published on amazon kindle direct publishing can you beat that it was actually self-published on this platform and you know it’s gone on to become the fastest-selling paperback book of all times.

If you know how to write a lot and I believe a lot of us now write much because we’ve got notes on our phones and then you’ve got the other versions on android so now without further wasting your time, let us begin with “how do we start the process” it’s easy so all you need to do is just visit:  kdp.amazon.com and then you have two options if you already have an amazon account you want to click on sign in so you can sign into an amazon kindle direct publishing with your Amazon account.

So if you’re already buying stuff on amazon you have an amazon account you can sign in with that, if you don’t have an amazon account that’s all right just click up and click on sign up so you can easily generate and passive income as you can say that you can make money from amazonkindle. now the next thing is that you just create your amazon kindle direct publishing account. it’s so easy you know you’re going to see the tab create, it’s just easy it’s you know.

It’s easy when you’ve done that you can now go on the tab that says add a new kindle book adds a new kindle book so you’re going to see that there’s a tab for that or a button for that or whatever you want to call it. add a new kindle book and then the first thing it tells you is like enter your book title and subtitle now.

Here you have to remember we live in the social media age where the attention span of a lot of people is not very long so you take that into account in choosing your book title, you know you want to keep it short and simple,  so you don’t want a very long robust you to know like the convoluted title you want to keep a short title you know you want a short title and then you have a subtitle if you need one you know it’s not necessary but you know you’re encouraged to do that.

And then what you want to do the next, is going to ask you for is the author name. Now you know sometimes you’re not the only one who wrote the book you know it’s the intellectual property over several persons, so it allows you to put co-authors, now don’t be greedy and put your name there, it’s gonna cause a lot of legal troubles and you’re going to be kicked off.

They’re not going to want to work with you and you know this is a platform that offers you 70 of your royalties if your book is between the price of $2.99 and $9.99 so you keep %70 of your publishing royalties.  once the book is above 10 dollars then the royalty rates changes to 105 percent.

You don’t want to be kicked off that kind of platform so you talk to all the people that are involved in the book make sure you get their buy-in and then you put your name as the author and you put their names as the co-author.

Now The next thing you want to do is the book description, again operate with the case principle, keep it short, and simply go directly to the point make it punchy people don’t have the attention span to read long variables convoluted things, you know so you’re writing for the public you’re not writing for yourself. so you have to make sure that you do what is going to be suitable for them so keep it short and simple very short book description.

Now the next thing you want to do is you verify your publishing rights, now what this means is that you’re telling to make money from AmazonKindle that You have the right to publish this book, so basically, you’re indemnifying them so if somebody comes along the way and sues them then they can now take action against you and that other people can take action against you.

So you want to be careful if you don’t have the right do not click on that so when you’ve done that you want to choose two categories now basically what I encourage people to do is,  you don’t have to do this.  it’s worked for me.  you don’t have to choose two categories, choose a major category and choose an obscure category.

When you’ve done that it might ask you for an age category, some books you know that are not suitable for children. but you can just ignore that if that doesn’t apply to you and then you go to select digital rights management. now basically what the digital rights management (DRM) for short means is that you now own the rights to this book, so if anybody you know in any way tries to use that book you have the power to sue them and you can make money from amazonkindle and It’ll help you or you can go after them yourself.

How to Make Money from AmazonKindle

Then you go to preview publishing now this is very important, you now go to preview publishing because you might make some mistakes I mean you never can tell so you want to preview the publishing don’t just continue without checking the preview, because if you just click on continue you know the book is going to go out.

Once like the first maybe 100 people see some mistakes in the book and then they leave negative reviews your book is doomed you don’t want that to happen to you, I believe you want your book to be successful. so you preview the publishing then it’s going to ask you to upload your book cover and upload the book so you upload the cover you upload the book.

Then voila you click on publish and then your book is out there people can start buying the book you know it’s going to ask you to set the price.

Like I told you are you encouraged to set the price between $2.99 and $9.99 to let your book be in that price range because once your book is above that you miss out on the 70 percent royalty that you keep and then it drops down to 35 royalty, so greed does not pay in make money from amazonkindle direct publishing

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