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Here’s What No One Tells You About How To Make Money ($100) In A Week from Home.

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Here’s What No One Tells You About How To Make Money ($100) In A Week from Home.

It’s so unfortunate that many people still find it hard to make $100 in a month talkless o in a week in this digital age that we are. As of 2021, Facebook was reported to be having over 2 billion users. What does this mean? This means you have the avenue to showcase what you do or what you sell to billions of people.

If you don’t wise up now and take advantage of everything I will explain in this article, you may never wise up again. Remember, opportunities lost can never be regained, and it can never be the same even if it gets regained. If you take advantage of things I will be showing you, you will do the simplest thing to make $100 in a week.

According to multiple research been conducted, there are multiple ways to make money online, and nevertheless, if you are not taught how to do it, you will get frustrated along the line. What I will be teaching is not what I learned or researched about, but the exact things working for me and have brought me out of financial stagnation.

So dear friend, let’s start with the obvious, what are the ways you can easily make $100 in a week. I tell you this, and a time will come when you will start making $100 in a day. If this can work for me, I am well convinced that it can work for you.

How To Make Money Online

“How to make money online” is one of the most searched keywords on the internet, yet many do give up along the way because what they read isn’t yielding notable results for them. Before you start by searching for making money online, you should reason within yourself about that thing you find yourself so passionate about.

Once you have discovered this, you have an engine to materialize things and look for ways by which you can earn money with it on the internet. I tell you this; there isn’t that business or profession that you can’t make money from on the internet. Are you into business? Or do you have some unique talents? It’s time to start making money from it on the internet.

If you’ve got some unique talents about writing, it’s time to have a blog, start materializing things, and start earning in dollars. You can’t tell me; there is nothing you are passionate about; it could be singing, marketing, etc. I will show you ways by which you can make money from this article. I’m pretty sure that at the end of the article, you will start smiling and leaping for joy because it’s time for you to start making money online and start pursuing those goals, which you have given up on because of financial instability.


A blog can be referred to as a mini-website that contains several pages. A blog gives room to individuals to make money online by conveying their ideas or thoughts into a written form for people to read or get inspired. There are several ways people can make money from a blog, such as this where many get confused and give up on blogging. As you read this article, I may probably earn no penny from your reading, but there are cool ways by which I make money from blogging. I am ready to let you know all these things for free.

However, before you start blogging, ensure you are blogging or something which you are passionate about. For example, if you are good at researching and exploiting the internet, you can venture into blogging and start teaching people how to do things, just like I am teaching you how to make money from the internet.

Now you may ask me, how can I make money from a blog when I eventually have one? There are several ways by which you can make money, and they include the following.

Google ads

This works in such a way that when you have a blog, google will start advertising on the contents you post on your blog, and once a visitor clicks on the ads being displayed on your blog, Google will pay you. The amount you can make from google ads depends on two significant factors, which are.

  • Amount of people that visit and click on the ads being displayed: The higher the number of people that visit your blog, the higher the chances of people that will click on the ads being displayed. I’ve seen people who make as high as $1000 a day from Google AdSense.
  • Location: The location of people who click on your ads also matters and as well contribute to the amount of money you can make from Google AdSense; your readers are from European countries, you will earn very high, and it is possible to earn as high as $100 per click in a day.

You may ask, how can you create a blog? It’s straightforward; you can refer to this page which we can teach you how to create a blog,


Youtube is another digital platform that gives room for individuals to make money online by creating video content. This implies that you can start making money online by creating videos either to educate or entertain people. Nevertheless, you can only make money from youtube from only videos that belong to you. Bear in mind that there are several apps which you can use to shoot youtube videos, such as inshot, Vivavideo. etc.

Once you create the videos and upload them on youtube, you will start making money based on the number of people that clicked the ads being displayed on your content. Do I hope you found this guide helpful? If you have any questions you would like to ask, do not hesitate to rip them in the comment box.

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